Vladimir Kršljanin: Serbia’s True Face

Vladimir Kršljanin: Serbia’s True Face




Vladimir Kršljanin speaking at a massive anti-NATO rally held on March 24, 2009, 10 years after NATO aggression against Serbia
“Our Task is to Liberate Serbia from the Anglo-American Occupation”

Vladimir Kršljanin, close associate of the late Yugoslav and Serbian President Slobodan Milošević and a former member of the uppermost leadership of the Serbian Socialist Party, is today presiding over the Serbian National Movement, one of the youngest organizations on Serbian political scene, which gained prominence during the recent commemoration of 10 years since NATO aggression against Serbia.
Q: Mr. Kršljanin, Serbian National Movement you lead exists for almost two years now. What type of organization is this, what does it advocate and what is its ideology?

A: It is a political organization of the new type, the kind Serbia today needs. It is not a political party consisting of individuals who are struggling for power and privileges, using the political program like a PR stunt. It is a wide movement which brings together groups and individuals willing to get engaged in the task of liberating Serbia from the Anglo-American occupation, reestablishing Serbian statehood and its territorial integrity. Our fundamental values and main ideological postulates are unity (sabornost) and humanism.

We are for the restoration of the real economy, which involves production and its social orientation.

In the situation when our country needs to be liberated and the serious state institutions rebuilt, we view all types of ideological and other divisions as counterproductive and contrary to the prime objective.

Liberated Serbia should enter the state union with Russia and intense cooperation with the other free countries. The Anglo-American factor has been obstructing that which is the most natural framework of our existence for the past 200 years. The time has come to change that. We can now decide on our own, without any risk, who are our enemies and who are our friends.

Q: Serbian National Movement was an organizer of a major rally marking 10 years since NATO aggression, but almost all the media in Serbia ignored and attempted to marginalize this gathering. Why, what was behind the media sabotaging this event?

A: The intention is quite obvious: to preserve the Anglo-American occupation we are paying with 100 lives a day, and preserve the media spin about “Serbia with the broken spine, demoralized and weak” which, as such, is allegedly ready to accept all forms of humiliation without resistance. As a consolation, we are expected to be glad that the “greatest superpower”, the one that is today drowning in financial and moral crisis, finally left us alone. But the fact they are no longer bombing us — something they’ll never be able to do again — doesn’t mean they have left us to our own devices. They are sitting in all the security structures of this country, in the ministries, National Bank… and making decisions about everything, to our disadvantage. The price we are paying this way is much greater, even in the human lives, then while we were resisting.

Anyone who has forgotten the true face of Serbia, should take a good look at the footage from March 24 [2009] rally and listen to the most prominent Serbs, the most prominent Russians and our friends from around the world, because this gathering was an international event.
The Uncritical Herding into European Union

Q: It is clear from the activities of your organization that you openly advocate Serbia’s closest partnership with Russian Federation. Are you against Serbia joining the European Union and why?

A: And why should we be for the accession to the European Union?! No one has explained what good does it do to Serbia, there are only stories about this being something wonderful and insistence that many European states have joined in. Well, many joined the Third Reich too. European Union is implementing Anglo-American policy which is antagonistic towards Serbia. Joining the EU now would pin us down to this level of economic development, because the EU has neither the interest nor means to help our economy. Therefore, this is contrary to our interest in both political and economic sense.

Organizer of the protests, Serbian National Movement, with guests from around the world, 24 March 2009, Belgrade, Serbia

By the way, geographically, Europe stretches up to the Ural Mountains. So, the EU is certainly not Europe, but one of the surviving forms of “Euro-Atlantic” integrations. I don’t quite see what connections Serbia might have with Atlantic.
Dehumanization of Workers

Q: What is the status of the working class in Serbia today and what is the role of the syndicates? Do the leading syndicates have enough strength to secure the basic rights for workers?

A: Workers in Serbia are today human goods stripped of all rights. This is a consequence of the occupational system which is inhumane and genocidal. It is such in the Western metropolises, and especially so in the occupied countries. The majority of the able working population in Serbia is unemployed. Some, like the youngest, who are going to schools and universities, are working without the license, which means they have no rights whatsoever. The employment legislature and practice are below both the Western European level and below the basic humanity. Syndicates do not have a separate infrastructure to adequately fulfill their role and I hope they will be able to pass the hardest exam since they came into existence in the following months — to channel the social catastrophe which will take place this year in direction of the necessary changes in the state.

Because only the removal of the occupational power can open perspectives, first for survival and then for development. Syndicates would have to form the widest social partnership, but not with the existing corrupt political parties, but precisely with all the patriotic organizations and individuals who share the same goal.

Q: Evidently, the opposition has failed to find its place in this situation. It appears that those currently in power have their own key player in the opposition, so there is major distrust among the biggest opposition parties. How do you view this situation?

A: All the participants in the political game the rules of which are determined by the occupier, while the players are fed the information and directed by the secret services controlled by the occupier, are only accomplices in the occupation and deception of people. Only those political forces which speak the truth and strive through actions — not just the words — to liberate the country and drive out the Anglo-American and NATO occupier will bring benefits to Serbia and her citizens.
No Change of Course in Washington

Q: Visit by the American vice president Biden stirred up strong reactions in Serbian public. How do you view his visit? And how do you comment the information he is being paid by the Albanian lobby in the US?

A: Open letter to presidents Obama and Tadić, sent by the Serbian National Movement and 8 other patriotic organizations on the eve of Biden’s visit, among else, said: “Two of the most horrific symbols of that gross policy are the facts that the same mujahideens, aided by the US, who were spreading terror through Bosnia and Herzegovina, on September 11 attacked the United States and, secondly, that the very same Albanian narco-mafia which is killing American, European and Russian children with the heroin from Afghanistan and cocaine from Colombia, even today represents the political favorite of United States in the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija.”

“Those who have forgotten the true face of Serbia, should take a good look at the footage from the March 24 rally…” March 24, 2009, Belgrade, Serbia

Therefore, what we have here is the crime in its purest and most horrific form, and Biden’s visit is only part of an effort to perpetuate it, unobstructed, and brush it up with propaganda, so that we accept the crime with a smile. The way all the highest representatives of the government, which is undeservedly called “Serbian”, including heads of the secret services, took their shoes off before Biden makes this day the one that will in future be marked as the “Day of National Humiliation”.

We also said the following: “Serbian nation, unjustly divided by the imposed wars in the 1990s has the right to restore its state unity. Washington, London and NATO support for the legally meaningless ‘Kosovo independence’ must end. Until that takes place, there can be no normal relations between the US and Serbia. Since we did not hear about the intention of the American administration to change its policy towards Serbia in this way, we consider the visit by the US vice president Joseph Biden unacceptable and offensive, keeping in mind especially that, as a member of the US Senate in the past, he was one of the most agile promoters of anti-Serbian policy.”

After all, in every democratic country the man who would publicly, in the parliament, call for one whole nation to be put in concentration camps, would be forever disqualified from politics. In United States, however, the same man can become a vice president.

So much for the position of free Serbia.

And the fact CIA and MI6 are forming narco-mafias which are then bribing their own officials, is the problem of Anglo-Americans, the one they will have to solve themselves, if they wish to avoid a total disaster.

Q: Serbian National Movement, together with several other patriotic associations, organized the protest against Biden’s visit to Serbia. Protests were dully announced to the state organs. The police responded immediately before the protests were scheduled to be held, stressing they are prohibited before the Presidential Palace. What do you think about this behavior of the Internal Ministry? What were the conditions under which you carried out protests in the end?

A: It wasn’t our intention to clash with Serbian police officers, so we announced protest a day ahead of Biden’s visit, since the current minister already had said all the gatherings will be prohibited on the day of his visit. But it is hard to understand a decision by the police to violate the law and their own rules, and ban the peaceful protest in the midst of it being held. This can only be viewed as an expression of panic or as a direct order by the foreign services. Several dozens of the most energetic activists gathered in front of the presidential palace nonetheless, and a protest delegation was allowed to hand over the letter.

Any government that fails to understand having an opposition is beneficial and suffocates the democratic rights of the citizens is in fact inviting the people to show them they are the supreme holder of sovereignty. In Serbia today the issue of sovereign democracy is a matter of survival and that is why I believe sovereign democracy will be established soon.
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