On Biden’s visit – open letter to Presidents Obama and Tadic

On Biden’s visit – open letter to Presidents Obama and Tadic


To the President of the United States of America Mr. Barack Hussein Obama
To the President of the Republic of Serbia Mr. Boris Tadic

Open letter

Distinguished Presidents,

The Serbian people in the 20th century has suffered hard consequences of the destructive policy of the imperial oligarchy from London and Washington, of the same policy of neo-liberalism that pushed the World into a global financial and economic crisis in the last months.

Among the victims of the earlier expressions of that bloodthirsty and greedy policy were the grandfather of today’s US President and the uncles of today’s President of Serbia. The broad public is aware of that and therefore expects from the Presidents to learn lessons also from their own family experience. To do so, they are obliged according to US and Serbia’s Constitutions.

USA and Serbia were allies in two World wars. But in the last decades, USA became a punching fist of the aggressive imperial policy. Many peoples across the globe have suffered horrible consequences of that, Serbian and other Balkan peoples in particular, but in recent years the consequences also hit the American people.

Two most horrific symbols of that terrible policy are the facts that the same mujahideens who were, with US support, spreading terror in Bosnia-Herzegovina, attacked America on September 11, and also that the same Albanian narco-mafia that kills American, European and Russian children with Afghan heroin and Colombian cocaine, is still the US political favorite in the Serbian province Kosovo and Metohija.

The biggest international hypocrisy of today is the US attempt to target Serbia and the Serbian people by the 1995 and 1999 NATO aggressions and by the kangaroo tribunal at The Hague, in spite Serbia and the Serbian people have only being defending their independence and freedom, as well as the fundamental American, European, Christian and all-humanity values from that policy.

The Serbian nation, unrightfully divided by the imposed wars of 1990s, has a right to restore its statehood unity. The support of Washington, London and NATO to the legally null “Kosovo independence” must be abolished.

Until these fulfills, there can be no normal relations between USA and Serbia.

Since we haven’t heard of any intention of the US administration to change its attitude towards Serbia in this way, we consider the visit of the US Vice-President Joseph Biden unacceptable and insulting, having particularly in mind that as a US Congressman in the past, he has been among the harshest promoters of the anti-Serbian policy.

We are convinced that we express the attitude of the vast majority of our citizens by this letter and we fell as our duty to transmit this attitude to you.


People’s Movement of Serbia
Serbian National Defense
Conservative Party of Serbia
Serbian National Movement “1389”
Association “Ours”
Independent Association of Students
Defenders of Fatherland
“Ravna Gora” Movement

In Belgrade, 15 May 2009